Out of Grass

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Out of Grass

Música: Reyes / Letra: Reyes, Leguízamo

(Solo) Reyes

The other night we were driving around,
We were looking for the pusher,
but it never went down,
"You better move on guys or you're going downtown"

In the morning, out of grass,
In the evening, out of grass,
It's late at night and we're dealing with this trash.

Hey David have you got some weed?
"Oh no way man, it's been a hell of a week.
Dr Feelgood's gone and I haven't got the cure".
We better hit the road or we'll be dead for sure.
We're walking around in circles, can't take it no more.

(Solo) Leguízamo
(Solo) Reyes

And what do you know, just when we thought it was the end,
We saw a Colino huffin' and puffin' with a friend.
Hey good man, have you got some more?
He said "Oh hell yeah but it'll cost you more".

So we headed to the park, it was just straight down,
But along came the cops, the only ones in town
"Oh my my what's this you got?
You're all coming down town, whether you like it or not"

Hey man have you heard the news?
The guys are in the joint for lighting the fuse.
They're locked up with the killers who are ready to play,
And its 24 hours in the UPJ.

(Solo) Bernal
(Solo) Reyes
(Solo) Leguízamo

Not only did we have twice to pay,
the fuckin' little piggies took it all away.
Perfect end for the wrong kind of day
and it's 24 hours in the UPJ

24 hours in the UPJ



Mauricio Leguízamo voz, guitarra eléctrica, banjo, armónica
Carlos Reyes voz, bajo, guitarra eléctrica y acústica
Juan David Bernal voz, guitarra eléctrica
Alejandro Duque batería

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