An Instant (Run)

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An Instant (Run)

Música: Reyes, Leguízamo / Letra: Leguízamo

Sitting in the cold,
Crying not alone
Feeling really low
Let's try to leave it behind,
there's no time to cry,
It's very cold tonight.


"Baby, we got to go,
our time has come,
everything is done,
darling run, run, run.
You know we should've known better
trying to stay on our own,
now my time has come,
everything is gone,
darling run, run, run... tonight"
Wake up little girl, come and see the world.
Open your eyes, now open your eyes
Remember looking at me, I didn't want to leave.
He just said to me:


Solo - Reyes/Leguízamo



Mauricio Leguízamo voz, guitarra eléctrica y acústica
Carlos Reyes guitarra eléctrica
Juan David Bernal bajo
Gustavo Forero batería y percusión
Jorge Rojas (Shine) teclados
Igor Guezz teclados


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