Black Cat Bone

black cat

Black Cat Bone

(Letra y Música: Reyes)

Let me tell you a story about this guy I knew.
He had all these people telling him what to do, they said:
"Get a job, put on a tie,
cut your hair instead of getting high.
Take this guitar, play all you can, but I,
don't wanna see you in a Rock n Roll band"
"Dream all you might, but get a life.
You gotta hit the books and do it right.
Don't fool around, don´t roll the dice,
don't hang with women till you're old and wise."
Oh, if you only knew. I can't listen to you...

Don't tell me what to say or do.
Just let me live my life, not you.
Don't want to hang on tight on the noose.
I gotta lot to lose, I gotta lot to lose.

Solo - Bernal

So that kid grew up and he got a job and he got a life,
only he didn't wear a tie, he wore a mean guitar, and he said:
I walk my talk, and I know it's on your mind,
every night you see me playing, feeling fine.
And deep inside, you wonder what it's like
to be in my shoes and not bitch about my life.
Oh, if you only knew. I can't listen to you...



Mauricio Leguízamo voz
Juan David Bernal guitarra eléctrica
Carlos Reyes bajo, guitarra eléctrica
Gustavo Forero batería, percusión


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